Hello. My name is Jeroen, better known as the mind behind Plan78 Photography Concept. I am an avid photographer and image builder who takes great pride in capturing compelling photos of cyclists.
My story begins in the Netherlands. I was born in the city of Nijmegen in 1980.  I became interested in the sport of cycling and photography at a very young age.
At the age of three, I was gifted with my first bicycle and my first camera. Both items were constructed of wood, but unbeknownst to me, the love I felt for these two possessions would shape my future and create a path to marrying my two greatest passions – cycling and photography.
I spent much of my teen years at race events as a spectator, amazed by the intensely competitive but welcoming nature of this sport. It became a part of my DNA. I soon learned that cycling is a grueling sport that generates a wide variety of sentiments in cyclists and spectators, and I needed to be the one to tell their story through photography.  
Cycling is not necessarily a one-person effort but that of a team that helps to get the cyclists to race day. It has a single goal in mind, and I am there to document it with my process of photography.  What better way to tell the story of cyclists than with images?    Telling Your Story Through Photography: I create portraits that capture the ambiance, the mood, and the drive of the team participating in the sport. My clients appreciate my ability to capture genuine emotions and compile all of the footage into a package of keepsakes that tells their story.  I have worked with grand tour winners and amateur cyclists alike.  In addition to photographing these events, I am a weekend warrior who relishes the opportunity to get out there on a mountain bike or road bike and connect with the trails and roads.  Are you ready to tell your story using photography? Drop me a line and let’s get started.    
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